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I am STILL "on the verge" of becoming a full time studio turner, in that my primary living is still made buying and selling Antiques. I have relocated to Ormond Beach Florida, so I'm one step closer to turning full time!

I have many years worth of "ideas" and concepts that are waiting to be tried. Including all of the classic forms. I use the work of others as a springboard, and while I have no formal training in the arts, I look at the work of others for inspiration. My intention is to compliment their work, not by replicating it, but by personalizing it, changing that one thing that will make it my own.

In the past, I have done lots of different things with my hands but find the most pleasure in turning wood.

Artist's Statement:

The true joy of life is said to be the journey, not the destination...

To that end, woodturning is the most interesting - Joyful leg of my journey to date. There is something elegant and friendly about the look and feel of wood. True beauty can be drawn from even damaged, compromised materials. I enjoy the whole process, finding and selecting materials, applying ideas that best show the materials and to their best advantage, thinking about ways to use the same materials we all use, but to a different result.

"Good Art" in woodturning is more than just a pleasing shape, a good finish, skillful application and interesting materials. The art, for me, is also in doing those things with joy.

To find those forms that best represent the combination of materials and inspiration. Art is often said to "speak to" the observer, to draw them in, to invite them to experience what the art is, what it represents, and even to speak for the artisan. I hope you can "hear" my work.

I hope you enjoy the site.